Second place for TGA at the Enterprise Challenge 2019

Over three days, a group of nine Year 5 pupils took part in an “Apprentice” style event held at Salomons Estate. Lilly, Shahzaib, Wiktoria, Brooke, Jayden, Sophie, Lola, Daniel and Frankie had to design and make an educational toy or game, create a TV advert and prepare a presentation to be judged at the trade fair on the final day.

There were 6 judges including the Mayor of Tunbridge Wells and the Business Secretary Greg Clark, MP. BBC South East Today came to film the preparations and interviewed our group. Fifteen schools took part, and after lots of creative thinking and hard work the TGA team were awarded a well-deserved second place for their project - a board game called ‘Hands Off! The Cookie Jar’.

Enterprise pic 1.jpg

Some comments from the pupils included: “That was the best thing ever.” Frankie; “We will never forget this experience.” Wiktoria; “I never knew I could do this, and I’ve made new friends. We have all really bonded”. Brooke; and “It doesn’t matter that we didn’t win. It was such good fun”. Shahzaib.

The teacher accompanying the pupils said “It was a fantastic experience. The children were so focused and determined to do well. They really gave it their all and produced an excellent, quality product. It was a real pleasure working with them.”

Congratulations to the pupils and thanks to the staff and parents who supported this activity.

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Enterprise pic 2.jpg
Charlotte Jayaraj