Why Primary?


We at TGAT believe a child's primary education lays the foundation for all that is to come.
During a child's early years, the development of imagination and intellectual curiosity begins. Children learn to assimilate information, to work with others, to listen and to build confidence. If these skills are well learned, a child is more likely to succeed at the secondary level and will have many more opportunities in life.

Research confirms the importance of early experiences and the powerful combination of home, pre-school and primary school in improving children’s learning
— Professor Pam Sammons, University of Nottingham

Damian Hinds, Secretary of State for Education (2018-2019) on the the importance of Multi Academy Trusts

Damian Hinds, former Secretary of State for Education

Damian Hinds, former Secretary of State for Education

"Now, I firmly believe that becoming an academy can bring enormous benefits to schools and their pupils.

Increasingly, becoming an academy also means schools coming together in a Multi Academy Trust, sharing expertise, working collaboratively, driving improvements.

Hundreds of schools every year voluntarily choose that route – to become an academy and join a Multi Academy Trust.

There are now around 2,800 academy trusts involved in running schools, which means even greater reach and capacity to improve the education of even more children but also more responsibility as well.

The vision behind these trusts is a simple one: it’s about schools together doing more than they can on their own. It’s about great schools widening their influence, getting the best teachers to where they are needed, sharing best practice across their local area and beyond.

It’s about finding more effective and more efficient ways of doing things.

Ultimately, it’s about sharing knowledge and innovation – which of course is the basis of education and, indeed, all human progress. We pool our ideas, our experiments, our mistakes, and yes our successes – and we learn and improve."


Nicky Morgan (Secretary of State for Education 2014 - 2016) on the importance of Primary Education

"Of course we know that too much goes wrong before young people have even set foot in secondary school.
If children haven’t mastered the basics in primary school, the rest of their time in school is a game of catch-up. Maths and English are the non-negotiables for a successful life, and children who don’t master them at primary school are much - much - less likely to succeed when they move to secondary school."

16% of adults in the UK have literacy skills below the level expected of an 11 year old.