Vision, Values & Mission

Temple Grove Academy Trust seeks to provide our young pupils with the breadth and depth of learning opportunities in order for them to realise their individual aspirations and to reach their full potential.

Try, Grow, Achieve and to be Tolerant

  1. TRY – We have every child at the heart of our teaching and learning to encourage them to try to be the best that they can be. At TGAT, we choose to be unusually brave. We're not afraid to challenge wrongs, to make the right call.
  2. GROW – We want every child to have an inspirational education that is broad and balanced so that they can grow into young adults ready for the next step in their educational career.
  3. ACHIEVE - We have ambition for our learners and staff so that they can achieve and exceed with courage, resilience, and determination, realising their own unique potential.
  4. TOLERANCE – We want every child to be educated and develop tolerance in our school, community, and home but most of all in our hearts and minds.

We are passionate about potential. Our mission is to realise the unique talents and abilities of children and young people in our school.

Ambitious for every child, we work tirelessly to support them throughout their educational journey and to equip them with the confidence and skills they need to progress and succeed at every level.

We recognise and respect the rich diversity, individuality, and strengths that our school bring to our wider community.

Our school seeks to provide :

  • A breadth of educational challenge and inspiration, within and beyond the taught curriculum.
  • A broad and balanced curriculum beyond the National Curriculum core subjects of the Primary stage.
  • Outdoor activity and learning in the natural environment with a diversity of physical challenges, including planned and managed risk taking.
  • Enrichment Funding provision allowing for MFL teachers, after-school clubs, school trips.
  • An appropriate range of internal assessment and pupil performance procedures that measure pupil progress and outcomes.
  • Pro-active support for the recruitment and appointment of inspirational leaders.
  • Support for the Leadership Team with the appointment of exceptional governors.
  • Community engagement by working with children, parents, staff, local residents, and others, and by allowing some access to school facilities outside the school day.
  • Focus on safeguarding, pastoral care, and nutrition to support the more vulnerable children.
  • Fair admission procedures ensure access, inclusion and equality of opportunity.