Our Sponsor

We are sponsored by Temple Grove Schools Trust (TGST), a registered charity. We form part of their work to maintain their pioneering role, dedicated to raising standards for all primary education.

As part of their involvement, TGST provides TGAT with enrichment funds to encourage activities beyond the classroom, expanding pupils’ learning outside the confines of the academic curriculum.

TGST was founded some 50 years ago and springs from one of the country’s oldest prep schools, Temple Grove founded in 1810. The Trust’s contemporary aim is to inspire excellence in primary education, particularly in schools in disadvantaged areas, whilst sharing best practice between the state and private sectors. It’s key principles are to:

  • To promote high standards of education and ethics;
  • To encourage access for all and avoid discrimination;
  • To focus on the primary/preparatory school age group;
  • To emphasize quality of teaching rather than quality of facilities ('people before buildings');
  • To seek lasting value and sustainability;
  • To be ready to leverage the Trust's impact and resources; and
  • To govern not manage, delegating performance to professional staff.

For more information visit Templegrove