Why Primary Education

The headline vision of Temple Grove Academy Trust, is “Excellence in Primary Education”. We believe strongly that primary education is often ignored when overall educational development is discussed and forward policy agreed, and we strive to promote the critical importance of primary education and will represent it wherever we can.

We at TGAT believe a child's primary education lays the foundation for all that is to come.

During a child's early years, the development of imagination and intellectual curiosity begins. Children learn to assimilate information, to work with others, to listen and to build confidence. If these skills are well learned, a child is more likely to succeed at the secondary level and will have many more opportunities in life.

We recognise that each school must take its own journey and that it is possible to achieve individuality whilst, at the same time, demonstrating a shared vision of excellence. We encourage diversity of thought and approach, whilst strongly promoting our ethos.